Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's been forever. Update Update Update!

I haven't been doing a really good job on blogging, I know. Thank you everyone for leaving me comments on my previous blogs. I totally forgot that i even had a blogger! LOL. But I promise I will start blogging more since school is almost out and I will have more free time to blab on about stuff. =) So since my last blog, which was around Halloween, a lot has been going on! I will show you guys through pictures and you can see for yourself hehe. My birthday was in March and it was a blast. I'm so excited for the summer. I hope I will finally get to take a vacation this year!
My baby and I on my birthday. It was an awesome night. I had so much fun.
My bestie Jassey and I before hitting up the club.
Us grooving at the club =D
Getting ready to celebrate my girlfriend Christy's birthday. Makeup check!
My sweetie. I love him so much! Two years strong since Jan 4, 2007


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OMG!!! please create a youtube account for makeup tutorials. i think you will be amazing with lots of subcribies!!!please...