Thursday, May 27, 2010

Heylo everyone! Golly it's been soo long since I've updated. I guess it never occurred to me to update this thing but something hit me today and I just wanted to share my thoughts. Another year has started and this year is looking a lot better than last year. Last month I was finally able to take a vacation to Destin and it was AMAZING! Its been about 2 years since that last time I went to the beach so I was excited about that.
This year is different, I'm reevaluating myself and realizing what really matters to me. People come and go out of your life and the ones who were meant to be there will stay. Here are some pictures from the time I was away. Enjoy!!
I was inspired last week to recreate a Gyaru look. These girls look so amazing with their pale skin and exotic eyes. I had so much fun doing this look.
Thats it for now. Til next time bloggettes!


PamCakes said...

Beautiful vacation pics, lovin the hat!

Kayla ba Bayla said...

thank you!